Welcome world at E)(POMONDO

EXPOMONDO is an international full-service Company for Brand + Event Architecture, EXPOs, Temporary Buildings, Themeparks and Interiors.

We develop content, construct and inalize national pavilions, showrooms, adventure worlds and exhibits as well as all forms of visitor centers. Since 2000 we have taken part at every EXPO and are now active for EXPO 2015 in Milan and specialized in nation and corporate branding. We offer full-service for a successful realization of projects, worldwide and tailor-made.

How it all started …

mid 90ies, home based in trade fair business for over 40 years, we took the challenge for EXPO2000 projects. The first contract awarded to us was for construction and realization of all service buildings for EXPO2000, covering 62.000 sq. meters in total. 

But most challenging was our second project. By setting up the consortium “BIEGE”  with 14 German medium sized craft companies, we won the tender for the complete realization of the Thematic Area.  11 themed pavilions, 100.000 sq. meters, designed by 11 famous scenographers waited for execution planning, building and operation. 

“Once in a lifetime project”

The largest project of EXPO2000 meant: 2.300 tons of steel, 12.000 m truss, 3500 trucks rolling on site with deliveries to coordinate, 1300 single productions and 4000 people working on the setup of this huge project, worth 260 Mio. DEM.

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