The History of E)(POMONDO starts with the two-generation history of the company HOLTMANN in Hanover, Germany, active in the building and exhibition sector since 1950. Know-how and experience have grown especially through involvement in 'mixed sectors' between building industry, trade shows and exhibitions.

E)(POMONDO by holtmann offers customized solutions from concept to the final implementation for:

  • Temporary buildings
  • Corporate architecture
  • Road shows
  • Themeparks and themed exhibitions
  • Service buildings for events
  • Corporate museums

In the mid-nineties HOLTMANN acquired a new field of business – World EXPOs or international EXPOs, registered by the BIE in Paris. Its hometown Hanover was to host the EXPO2000, a modern type of themed world exhibition. HOLTMANN could bring in all its experience and skills and extra large specialist network and was involved in the complete lifecycle of the EXPO2000 Hanover. Four years of planning and design, many months of installation work, five months of operation management and only two months for the dismantling led HOLTMANN to be a thorough EXPO specialist.

During the EXPO2000 HOLTMANN was involved in three different types of buildings: service buildings, corporate pavilions and the thematic area, consisting of 11 theme pavilions. Some of the projects were carried out in cooperation with colleagues and partners, in which HOLTMANN had the leading role. ‘BIEGE GbR’ and ‘Pergola GmbH+Co.KG’ were formed as joint ventures.

After that initial EXPO HOLTMANN stayed in this field of services and moved on to the EXPO.02 in Switzerland (Country exhibition in 2002), where three projects were carried out. One was executed under the name of ‘BIEGE21 AG’, with HOLTMANN as one of the shareholders and two more projects were executed directly by HOLTMANN.

Since then HOLTMANN elaborated projects or executed pavilions on all four consecutive EXPOS in AICHI, Japan (EXPO 05), Zaragoza, Spain (EXPO 2008), Shanghai, China (EXPO 2010) and finally Yeosu, Korea (EXPO 2012).

In all these years HOLTMANN also intensified its activities in the other mentioned fields of action. In 2011 HOLTMANN bundled all these activities and assigned them to its new subsidiary ‘E)(POMONDO Srl’.

In preparation for the next World EXPO 2015, E)(POMONDO is headquartered in Milan, Italy.