• Show-Room
  • Free WiFi
  • Webcam-Livefeed
  • Shoeshine Service
  • Meeting Table
  • Event Location
  • Guest Workplace
  • Service Office

Creating the network

It all started with the question: How can international and local Italian companies contribute to and benefit from the coming Super-Event ‚EXPO 2015 Milano‘?

The answer is: by making themselves visible and in using suitable forms of collaboration. Needed are expertise and professional skills in many different services and trades and crafts, as well as language skills, international experience and EXPO knowledge.

This all comes together in the E)(POMONDO Network, which is about to be formed and completed.

E)(POMONDO S.r.l. as an international EXPO Expert joins forces with partners from Milan and Lombardy for a mutual benefit. Especially young and innovative Companies or Specialists have the opportunity to collaborate with experienced Partners.

One element is missing here: A communication network and/or a joint location.
So that is what our Idea is about. Creating the )( Lounge.

A meeting point was created:

Located directly at one of the operational EXPO entrances it will be a well-used meeting point and ‘Information Headquarters’ for all Delegates, Architects, General Contractors and Officials of EXPO once the EXPO Site is prepared for the Participants.